Why does my ListShack login work at YourListStore.com?

Short Version: As of approximately 11/12/2020, all active ListShackPro accounts were transferred to YourListStore.com. This is to address the ongoing criminal activity of Wyatt Grantham and Lord Abbey, LLC which initiated over a year ago. Wyatt Grantham lied to a Virginia Federal Court to have a law suit against him dropped and “moved” to Utah. In Utah, Mr. Grantham made conflicting statements (a.k.a., perjury), in order to fraudulently obtain an order from the Utah Fourth District Court, in Provo Utah. This resulted in the transfer of the domains, ListShack.com and ListShackPro.com, to the same individual responsible for the breach in the fall of 2019.

More Information: As of approximately 11/10/2020, the Fairfax County Police, Major Crimes Unit, closed their investigation under case number 2020-0700078, stating that after consulting with the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney’s office, including talking to four Commonwealth Attorney’s and a Deputy, that given Wyatt Grantham does not appear to have ever physically entered the Commonwealth of Virginia during the commission of the criminal acts, they did not believe they had personal jurisdiction over Wyatt Grantham, and as such, would not be able to file charges. This opened up the opportunity for the Provo Police Department, under case 20PR17316, to proceed with taking action. They had been contacted in approximately September of this year (2020). Pursuant to Utah Criminal Code, including 76-6-703, Computer Crimes, 76-6-404 Theft, 76-8-501 False or inconsistent material statements, 76-8-508.3, 70-3a-309 Cybersquatting, and 76-10-1801 Communication Fraud. Pursuant to 76-10-1801(5), Each separate communication made for the purpose of executing or concealing a scheme or artifice as described earlier in the law, is a separate act and offense of communication fraud. Per the Utah legislature, this makes Mr. Grantham guilty of no less than 500 counts of 76-10-1801, during just the single month of October of 2019. Given that pursuant to 76-10-1801(1)(c) and (e), Utah classifies the actions as a second degree felony, we expect that if Mr. Grantham is arrested, it is likely the consequences will be extremely severe.

Conclusion from the Founder of List Shack, Mr. Joshua Stacy:

While my own personal losses over the last year, at the hand of Wyatt Grantham’s actions, have been significant, it is impossible to ignore that Mr. Grantham was instrumental in the fraudulent rebilling of credit cards of individuals who did not want their credit cards rebilled. There are records and logs of all of the activities and charges that happened. I am personally working with law enforcement officers in Utah to hel bring Mr. Grantham to justice. If anyone wishes to make a complaint of their own or to check with the Provo Police Department for a status update, you can contact them at 801-852-6210 and ask for an update on case 20PR17316.

As of the time of posting this, all customers with active subscriptions at ListShackPro.com and/or ListShack.com that had signed up within the last approximately six months should be able to login to their account through the domain YourListStore.com, which is the new permanent home for Lists Made Easy. If you would like to request any additional time to access your credits for the disruption, or need anything else, please contact us and we will be happy to help.