Individual Unlimited

Perfect for individuals and small agencies
$ 50 / Per month
  • Instant access
  • Download up to 50,000 records per month as CSV
  • Business leads included
  • Consumer leads included
  • 24 month price guarantee

Professional Unlimited

Excellent for call centers and agencies
$ 199 / Per month
  • Instant Access
  • Download up to 10,000,000* records per month
  • Business leads included
  • Consumer Leads Included
  • 24 month price guarantee
  • Eligible for credit replacements


How soon will I get access?

With all of our plans, once you submit payment, you’ll get instant access.

Is this a monthly commitment?

We will automatically renew your membership each month.  You can cancel at any time, but we recommend doing it at least three days before the end of your billing cycle

What questions should I ask a list provider?

The fact of the matter is that most list providers are accessing roughly the same data, so a lot of it comes down to price and accessibility.  In theory, if all list providers had perfect data they would all be selling virtually identical data.

How accurate is your data?

Data accuracy can vary by area, but we generally run at 85%-90% accuracy.

Are there any setup or cancellation fees?

Absolutely not!  There are no additional fees beyond your monthly subscription.

Why is this so much more affordable than other data options? prides itself in being designed to make marketing lists accessible to small and midsized marketers.  We have optimized our servers and systems to deliver the most value to those with a discerning budget 

Not ready yet? How can we help?

Please choose the closest match, which may not be exact.
We cannot guarantee a call at this time, but will do our best 🙂