Flexible plans for every need

All of our plans include access to our nationwide databases of business and consumer marketing lists.  There are no geography restrictions or filter restrictions.

Classic – $50/month – Individual Unlimited: Up to 50,000 records per month, no roll over, up to 10,000 records per download. Works best for individuals and small businesses.

Metered Plans – all unused credits rollover for your next month for as long as you keep your subscription active.  Also includes a 100% replacement on all inaccurate phone numbers.

$99/month – 10,000 records per month
$199/month – 50,000 records per month
$299/month – 75,000 records per month
$399/month – 100,000 records per month
$999/month – 500,000 records per month

Pay as you go – Not sure how many records you need a month?  With all of these plans, you pay for the credits and have up to 90 days to use your credits:

$50 for 2,000 records
$99 for 5,000 records
$149 for 10,000 records
$499 for 50,000 records